Dr. Keeling’s Curve

The Sedona International Film Festival presented the one-man play by Mike Farrrel “Dr. Keeling’s Curve”. The play is designed to take the sad facts of our yearly rise in co2 and the resulting global warming and form it into a narrative on the life of Dr. Keeling, the scientist who discovered the silent killer. Here […]

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Tyler Wallach, grandson to acting great Eli Wallach, directs a film about two bullies who get their comeuppance when they kill a kid’s frog. 4 stars. Elizabeth and I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler and his producing parter Lenny Emery, who preferred to remain off camera, at the L Auberg party at the Sedona […]

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The fall of the Roman empire came about, in part, from madness caused by lead goblet poisoning. Now, centuries later, America stands at the brink of an even more insane fate of mutagens and carcinogens, hidden in nearly every product we blindly consume, wash with, spray and slather on ourselves daily. STINK! , playing this […]

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In Homer’s ancient Greek tale, written in the 8th century BC, THE ODYSSEY’s hero Ulysses is lost to the Troy wars for 20 years. The story concludes with how Ulysses finds his way back from Troy and then must fight to regain his place in his own home, overrun by suitors for his faithful wife’s […]