DYING TO KNOW: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

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BuzzBroz.com thrilled to be covering the SFF this year once again. It’s a must-see for film fest goers, set in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. Get 2016 tickets at SedonaFilmFestival.com. I’ll see you there February 20-28th along with BuzzBroz fellow part-time buzzologist Elizabeth England, an owner in LongevityPureMedicine and guest buzzologist Laura Mastropietro, owner of a great place for a bite after a day of hiking the red rocks and movie going at Sedona’s Hideaway House.

Yesterday, SFF fest director Patrick Schweiss kindly invited my love and life partner Elizabeth England and I to see an amazing film, as a warm up to the festival. No coincidences in Sedona as I am a meditation proponent; the film explores the two very different approaches of Dass and Leary to higher consciousness. Namely, substance versus meditation assisted methodology as a vehicle to enlightenment. It’s with great pleasure I present my review of DYING TO KNOW: RAM DAS & TIMOTHY LEARY as my first post to the new WP BuzzBroz blog.

Buzz Hugz,

Ken Sheetz


It’s not easy being a cultural icon. At least not for half the equation of conscious pioneers Ram Das, and Timothy Leary. In DYING TO KNOW we witness Leary suffer over two and half years in solitary confinement of his ten years of prison time for his experimentation with conscious raising journeys with LSD.  While fellow Harvard professor Richard Albert, who became Ram Dass, branched off into meditation as his vehicle for accessing the higher self, is left virtually untouched by hardship. The revolutionary Leary’s approach of the evolutionary approach of Dass’ is so clear in this film and why I give it 5 stars.

The film DYING TO KNOW, masterfully directed by Gay Dillingham, beautifully written by David Leach and handsomely narrated by Robert Redford, is the first film to explore the higher consciousness of the death experience.  The fist 2/3rds of the film sets up the amazing journeys of Dass and Leary and their unique Yin and Yang relationship. For many years the split of the philosophy of substance assisted versus meditation assisted enlightenment kept Leary and Dass apart.

The final third of the film shows how Dass and Leary’s love and mutual respect eventually brings them back together and both of them each, exploring the majesty and joy of the death experience as the ultimate journey of consciousness. Leary bravely faces his death from old age and cancer with the same bristling bravery that we see him exhibit as he’s carted off to jail. Dass, blessedly still with us, suffers the ravages of old age with a stroke. Ram’s triumphant smile through all that pain is worth the price of admission alone.

Without spoiling it for you, the way Leary and Dass each vary in their opinion about what happens to us after we die is a profound experience.

Be sure to hang in there for the credits to see a precious moment when the gay Dass kisses the straight Leary on the cheek and Leary shouts “Cut!”


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