The fall of the Roman empire came about, in part, from madness caused by lead goblet poisoning.


Now, centuries later, America stands at the brink of an even more insane fate of mutagens and carcinogens, hidden in nearly every product we blindly consume, wash with, spray and slather on ourselves daily.

STINK! , playing this week at the prestigious Sedona Film Festival, exposes an infuriating loophole in product labeling of “fragrance”. This allows hundreds of highly toxic cancer and birth defect causing chemicals to be dumped into our bodies and our children’s bodies, in everyday household products from air fresheners to body lotions, with what appears to be corporate impunity.

What gives STINK! heart is the tragic fact that filmmaker, Jon Whelan, lost his wife to cancer, perhaps caused by the very topic of this film, though no fingers are pointed.  As the story opens, Jon is doing his best to raise his two daughters as a single father.

When his girls notice the Justice brand pajamas daddy gave them for Christmas stink, he goes on an investigative rampage that opens a smelly Pandora’s box.

Speaking with my love Elizabeth England, who runs an eco-project called, after we saw this powerful documentary film together, she told me manufacturers from foreign countries view America as a place to dump thousands of products made with restricted toxic chemicals they can’t pedal in their own backyards.

Seeing this movie will open your eyes and nose to unchecked corporate greed that might be killing you or someone you love.

*****5 Stars for this well-researched, even-handed and thorough expose.


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