Where to Invade Next?

From the title of Michael Moore’s film you’d think this film was going another of the brash documentarian’s knocks against the US war machine. But you, and me too, would be wrong.

Instead WHERE TO INVADE NEXT? is a piercing X-ray look at what’s wrong with America’s heart.

Moore, as an invader seeking better ideas, examines how country after country is surpassing America. At the core of America getting left in the dust of a path to better future for humanity is the greater love other countries show for their own citizens than the USA .

Italy giving workers 4 weeks of vacation and 5 months of maternity leave.

France providing healthy food for its students.

Finland abolishing standardized testing, mindless homework and creating shorter school days. Thus seeing dramatic increases in their students intelligence scores.

Slovenia giving its students free college educations.

Portugal abolishing criminal penalties for drug use and seeing a drop in crime rates.

Germany owning up to its Nazi past and stepping into the light.

Norway resisting the urge to execute a mass murderer and instead send him to a model prison system for rehabilitation.

Tunisia where women stand up for their rights against a tide of Muslim extremism and win.

Iceland imprisoning macho bankers gambling away the children’s futures for greed and seeing women must have a truly equal place in politics and the workplace. Iceland, Moore makes the case, shows women in power balance male energy and make great leaders.

With each country he invades, Moore counterpoints how America has lost its way.

Working our people into debt and early graves.

Horrible food for our kids in school.

Hours of mindless homework for our kids that leaves then with no social life.

Crushing debt heaped upon our young for a college education.

The hidden slave system our prison system are in truth.

Taking away of our freedom in the wake of 911 and other mass murders.

Our war on drugs that’s a failure of epic levels.

Women not getting ERA passed and not being truly respected in our ridiculously patriarchal society.

For me the answer to the question “Where to invade next?” for we Americans is our hearts. We must care for each other. We must own up to our racist past as slave owners and slayers of the native people. Only then can America hope to save itself from the heartless men eating away at our society’s heart.  They gotta go or this great nation will perish.

5 stars for making this painful look at our sickness while using these other countries as example to show us there is hope. All it takes is the guts to love each other and mean it.


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