Kids Talk Politics Censored By YouTube?

Censored?  Not intentionally let’s hope. But effectively we are.

Our hit YouTube channel has been covering the US elections from the POV of kids ages 8-12 since 2008 on Youtube. The 10 million view channel gives you this message when you try to watch our hit any of our 162 videos at

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.57.00 AM

The country where all our Kids Talk Politics YouTube videos are not available? The good old USA.  Love the “sorry about that”with zero explanation Youtube offers for this fine American production, that’s about a tame of entertainment as you’ll ever see on YouTube is banned in the USA!

And it’s not like we have not tried to fix this matter. You see, we cannot even log on.  Our email address that ran this YouTube page, praised by YouTube’s own political editors on the YouTube blogs, was hacked in 2013.  Since 2013 we’ve repeatedly tried to get some help from Google to regain access to the channel to no avail.

I have gone so far as to drop into the YouTube offices in LA to find a human being to fix this matter.

But in 2016 the frozen channel became critical when all our content was banned in our home country.

So our playful, critically acclaimed PBS worthy content, enjoyed by over 10 million viewers, is frozen during one of the most troublesome elections in history.

I am a patient guy and I know my email getting hacked is not YouTube’s fault.  But even a tiny amount of checking can verify I am the channel owner and it’s a quick fix to then send a password reset. Then we can figure out this very unAmerican, and hopefully unintentional censorship, fixed.

I am writing this blog in the hopes YouTube will finally get this fixed!

Meantime, follow our humorous 2016 political coverage on where all is well!  And where we are spending a small fortune on ads.  Revenue YouTube will not see until they get their act together.


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