Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 9.57.12 PMWow.  I don’t often start a movie review off with wow. Well, I never do.  But that’s my review of “David Gilmour – Live at Pompeii” in a nutshell.  Gilmour was one of the wizards bringing Pink Floyd to fame with his world-class guitar mastery.

My partner Elizabeth, a bigger rock fan than I’ll ever be and who co-wrote this review with me, sat with her jaw on the floor most of the film. She counted 12 different camera angles covering the event. There were beyond count lasers plus far out live action and Space Rock style animations backing up the show. Floyd, Elizabeth tells me, is known for great light shows and pyrotechnics.

The concert film screened here in Sedona for one night only. Amazing for our little town as it played at only 2,000 theaters worldwide for one night only.  It’s estimated that there are about 150,000 theaters worldwide, making this a coup for the Sedona Film Festival.

The venue was unreal–the ancient ruins of Pompei’s gladiator stadium, the location for the 1972 concert documentary Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii.  Gilmour was thrilled to bring a live audience to the amphitheater for this film.  It’s the first time a live crowd has been entertained in the amphitheater since Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

Gilmour gave a haunting tribute to Rick Wright who passed away in 2008 with “A Boat Lies Waiting.” Performing in this ancient site, said Gilmour, touching 4 millenniums, was a time of “ghosts” for him.  So too for me. I visualized gladiator ghosts battling to the wail of his guitar.

5 Buzz Bees for DAVID GILMOUR – LIVE AT POMPEII from both me and Elizabeth England.

As this was one night only theatrical experience, and I hope they reconsider that, this becomes a review for the coming DVD.  Get one.  I know Elizabeth and I will. Here’s the link: Davidgilmour.com

And here’s some time tripping for you. Pink Floyd at Pompeii in 1972.


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