Zuckerberg in the Hot Seat

I’ve been complaining for over a year about a lack of good customer service at social media giant Facebook and been saying on FB that it’s broken on numerous posts. I’ve been doing this along with complaints about poor service at YouTube. Seems service is not a thing for the AIs and greenhorns. Yep, when it comes to the old adage “the customer is always right” these new barons of our modern society are tone deaf.

Nonetheless, despite my gripes, the slimy way 89 million FB users, me one of them, had our data sold to Trump via Cambridge Analytica by a dumb as dirt app used by only two hundred thousand some US idiot FB users came as a shock and outrage.

If I ever find out the person who used the CubeYou app in my friends group they will be cheerfully escorted from my page as this situation shows how vulnerable to stupidity of your friends FB can make you.

I’ve never trusted quiz apps.  Call it intuitive.  So to learn my data helped get the Donald elected was chilling to my already waning love for FB was to say the least a bummer.

Thing is I’ve disliked the Tweeter in Chief since the 1980’s when I was working commercial real estate myself in Chicago. Most of my Chicago colleagues would agree Daddy’s boy gave and still gives real estate a bad name.  Heck. This FUBAR made me ready to do an Elvis and shoot my Mac. That’s if I owned a gun. Instead I settled for yelling TRUMP! from a Sedona mountain top.

Sadly, unlike billionaire Elon Musk, I need Facebook to stay in touch with friends and relatives and for my social media business. Yep.  Like it or not.  And I don’t like it much right now, I am stuck on FB like most of us regular Joes.

So I took some wicked pleasure watching Zuckerberg squirm for two days in row, grilled by a bunch old Congressional dudes, many of whom did not have a clue about how the internet, let alone Facebook, works.

Here’s my favorite video from the Zuck’s FB testimony. Which, BTW, did little to comfort me he’ll really reform his wicked ways of selling our data via advertising revenue.

P.S. Mr. Zuckerberg From Me to You:

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 4.48.45 PM


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