YouTube Needs to Rediscover Customer Service Motto: The Customer is Always Right

Forget Facebook’s bad service. YouTube is worse! For over 6 years I’ve periodically tried to get YouTube to restore my access to my lost hit YouTube channel KidsTalkPolitics. It’s a channel I only actively use to promote my TV show by the same name. So I go between 4 year election cycles not using the channel very much.

When the 2012 elections began to heat up I was ready to start a new show cycle, but  when I went to upload new videos I found I’d forgotten the YouTube KTP password. Normally, no problem: Simply send for a password reset. But my trusty old AOL email account had been hacked and closed and I had a new cell phone number. So I had no way to get password resets from YouTube.

Now, because my name is on every video at the end credit as the producer/director you’d think it would be easy to get an exception from customer service and manually restore my YouTube KTP access. And you’d be wrong. Yes, due to a total lack of common sense customer service at mega-site YouTube, over 6.5 million views and 6,000 subscribers can no longer enjoy this critically acclaimed political POV of kids content, seen on TV by millions on PBS as the lead-in to the 2000 presidential debate and as the number 1 DVD in it’s niche on Amazon 5 years solid after the 2008 elections.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.43.44 PM

Every time I attempt to restore the channel, hoping customer service might have improved but has yet to, I get the same youTube corporate runaround that I need the original email account or my old phone number to get a text to restore the channel. Such crazy making!

YouTube should be ashamed to treat a filmmaker this way. I’ve offered a copy of my birth certificate to proof I am the owner of the locked off channel. Still no luck. I’ve even personally visited the YouTube Studios offices in LA to seek help restoring the channel. But still no luck. I am always sent into the same loop of needing access to email and phone’s I no longer have access to.

SOL service not always this way for Youtube. They used to have great customer service before getting acquired by Google. YouTube badly needs to relearn the old motto: “The Customer is Always Right.”

Heck, YouTube also needs to realize we content creators are every bit as much their clients as advertisers. We’re the talent that bring the fresh content advertisers want. I’ve been forced to go elsewhere with my Kids Talk Politics content and other channels. Vimeo functions well for now. Let’s hope they continue to pick up where Youtube left off.

Hey YouTube, The runaround is not customer service. Solving problems like my dead phone and email accounts with a simple manual reset is customer service.

During elections this channel generates thousands of dollars a month income. Something I’ve lost for 6 years now and can never get back, except if I sued YouTube, which would be like suing city hall and is not how I do business in the first place.

Grading this mess that could be solved so simply, YouTube gets a F in customer service.


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