Success Secret: Market Only What You Love

Whether I was building Oprah’s Harpo Studios or a $162 million skyscraper or convincing investors to fund my PBS show that aired prime time before the 2000 presidential debates, sales skills played a key role.  The secret to all my blessings is to market only what you love.

My first sales love affair began 1972. I was working my way through college with various part-time and summer jobs. Those were still the days in America when you could, with some elbow grease, go to college without getting up to your neck in debt. Nonetheless I was struggling to swing tuition because I went to an art college, which is typically about 5 times more expensive than a university.

I was studying to be an interior architect, designing the inner working of large corporate headquarters. Looking back on it, this was an amazing thing for a kid from a blue-collar middle class Milwaukee to aim his sites on.

My parents helped a little with tuition because my summer job as lifeguard, where I worked in a Black pool in Milwaukee’s ghetto, the Core, was not cutting it. Art college was expensive, not just for the tuition but for the high cost of design tools and art supplies.

One day, reading the classifieds, I came across a wanted ad that read: DISPLAY WORKERS NEEDED. EARN BIG MONEY WORKING PART-TIME. NAME YOUR OWN HOURS. MUST BE SELF MOTIVATED.  I applied not really knowing what the job was for. Turned out to be for an amazing vacuum cleaner called the Rainbow. It washes the air while you clean in water. All I needed to do was get in front of prospect and my passion and knowledge for the product made the sale.

That knowledge, that selling what you love, gained in college in a part-time job would lead to all my successes, from Oprah to Patrick Flanagan.  BTW, if you are a Flanagan fan mark your calendar for January 17, 2019 at 7PM for the theatrical world premiere of THE FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTS.  We are thrilled to be presenting 50 of our hit YouTube videos about the amazing genius behind PhiSciences, Dr. Flanagan!

World Premier TFE

Selling Patrick’s amazing Sensor V medallion has been the wind beneath‘s film work, including our meditations in Antarctica for 5 years solid now. We love Pat, his partner and wife Stephanie

Visit the CME page and you’ll find many other of the finest products from greats like Pat have been joined by Jonathan Goldman and the #1 EMF protection on earth from Blushield. Sell what you love!

SENSOR V from (1).png


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