Sonic Sea Film Review

As Sonic Sea opened a giant whale’s eye rolled toward me filling the screen. The visceral sense of its loving soul brought gasps throughout the crowd. I’ve been in awe of these great mammals and their peaceful ways and often raise the question, are they not the greatest and wisest creatures inhabiting Mother Earth?  Whales […]

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Remember the 2006 Gore film AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH making audiences aware of global warming, now more politically correct referred to as global climate change? THE AGE CONSEQUENCES documentary explores the notion that wars in the Middle East and Africa are a consequence of our inaction as a civilization on solving political climate in ten years […]


Cubs Win World Series!

Inserting Posting this top of 7th inning. Cubs lead Cleveland 6-3. Just wanted to be one of the first to report it on the earth. The Billy Goat jinx is over. To give you some perspective the Cubs had not won a World Series in 44 years when I was born in 1952. I am […]

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