Cubs Win World Series!

Inserting Posting this top of 7th inning. Cubs lead Cleveland 6-3. Just wanted to be one of the first to report it on the earth. The Billy Goat jinx is over. To give you some perspective the Cubs had not won a World Series in 44 years when I was born in 1952. I am […]

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Where to Invade Next?

From the title of Michael Moore’s film you’d think this film was going another of the brash documentarian’s knocks against the US war machine. But you, and me too, would be wrong. Instead WHERE TO INVADE NEXT? is a piercing X-ray look at what’s wrong with America’s heart. Moore, as an invader seeking better ideas, […]

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Dr. Keeling’s Curve

The Sedona International Film Festival presented the one-man play by Mike Farrrel “Dr. Keeling’s Curve”. The play is designed to take the sad facts of our yearly rise in co2 and the resulting global warming and form it into a narrative on the life of Dr. Keeling, the scientist who discovered the silent killer. Here […]

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